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Student Overage Refunds

Refunds are disbursed weekly starting at the end of the sixth week for standard semester classes, with the following exceptions:


1.     If financial aid amount is dependent upon credit hours to be earned in the second eight week term classes or the twelve week term classes, refund will be held in all or part until after attendance is confirmed in the term classes. 


2.     If the financial aid is subject to additional terms that are specified in the aid regulations. This may include first time and semester specific loans that may require multiple disbursements. 


Please refer to the Refund Processing chart located on the finances page for more details about when refunds are issued.


To view your current refund, select "My Account Information", "Course and Fee Statement", "Generate Course and Fee Statement".  Any credit balance showing in "Computed Balance" on the bottom right will be the excess amount on your account.

You will however, need to deduct your bookstore purchases from the "Computed Balance" total.  Your bookstore charges are listed on the bottom left of your statement in "Previous Activity".  This calculation will give you an estimated amount of refund.


Refund payments will be delayed for students who have not selected a refund disbursement method.  Students must use the BankMobile Disbursements green envelope they received in the mail to select their refund preference.  All payments are processed by an out-of-state processing center with BankMobile Disbursements. We encourage all students to sign up for a refund disbursement method for faster refund service. Please make sure your My Z-Online account information is correct to avoid any delays.  Address changes need to be made through your My Z-Online account and at your local post office.


Please be advised that we cannot re-issue checks for 15 business days after the check was processed. There is an $18.00 processing fee for checks which we issue stop payments.  If the check is returned to us in the mail, we will notify you by the phone number we have on file and/or through your Zane State College email account.