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Check out 50 top SmartphoneApps for College Students
Rasmussen College has synthesized a list of great apps for college students organized into helpful sub-categories such as Education, Financial and Productivity. Highlights include Evernote, an app that will record class notes, voice memos and to-do lists; Dashlane, which keeps track of personal finances and receipts; and iHomework, an app that organizes a students’ course schedules, appointments and homework, all in one place. /

Student outlines his perspective on top apps for college
Student Jay Lin begins this informational video admitting that “smartphones get a really bad reputation as a distraction” for college students. He then gives real-life examples of how he uses his smartphone to prove that wrong, with apps such as Evernote that help him stay more organized and productive – and also apps that feature some post-class fun, such as the music app Spotify.