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Intervention teams have been formed nationwide to ensure a safe, caring, and secure learning environment for everyone. This requires a proactive community approach to behavioral threat assessment.




The ZBIT team exists as a central point of contact for all members of the college community who encounter student behavior that they perceive as aberrant, threatening, or in a state of emotional crisis. The team will follow up with all reports in a confidential manner consistent with FERPA and HIPPA regulations in order to maintain a safe, caring, and secure environment for all students, faculty, and staff. The team will assess the level of threat and respond to all reports in a manner that preserves the welfare of all students, upholds the Student Code of Conduct and will work collaboratively with the Zanesville Campus Public Safety Department, Student Services, Faculty, Human Resources and community agencies in the decision making process of developing a plan of action, and follow-up appropriate to each individual report.


Anyone in the college community can submit an incident at or by clicking on the link below.


Behavioral Incident Report Form