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Students and employees are strongly encouraged to report a safety or security issue to the Zanesville Campus Public Safety  Department. Below are some simple guidelines to assist with a reporting issue. You can also reference the Emergency Procedures Quick Reference Guide for further information.


Medical Emergency


If you or someone you see becomes ill or is injured, call 911 and then call the Campus Public Safety Department at extension 1111 or 740-683-3584 so an officer can respond and direct emergency personnel to the proper location.


If You Think You Have Been a Victim of a Crime


The Campus Public Safety Department  will respond and handle any immediate needs. The officers also have information about on and off campus community resources to assist victims of a crime. It is important to report any crime because your information may lead to apprehending a suspect and preventing further crimes from occurring.


If You Witness a Crime


Call the Campus Public Safety Department or 911 immediately. Try to provide as many details for the officer as possible (i.e., location, nature of crime, description of the suspect(s), description of vehicle, direction of travel).


Suspicious People or Vehicles


If you notice suspicious people or vehicles on campus, please notify the Campus Public Safety Department. Describe the individuals and vehicles, where they were last seen and in which direction they were traveling. This helps officers spot potential problems and can keep crimes from occurring.


Safety Concerns


Call the Campus Public Safety Department  or Facilities Operations at 740-588-1383 if you notice any safety hazards on the campus (i.e., inoperative lights, broken doors, inoperable locks, water leaks, icy sidewalks, blocked roadways).


Share the Road


Whether you are walking, biking, or driving, we all need to share the responsibility in assuring each is done safely. Motorist must yield to pedestrians and pedestrians are reminded to stay on sidewalks and use crosswalks. Bicyclists are encourages to wear helmets and ride in the street with the flow of traffic. Remember to abide by college policies, local, state, and federal laws.


Sexual Assault and Related Offenses


Sexual assault is regarded as a serious violation of student conduct. Sexually abusive behavior exists on a continuum ranging from verbal to physical harassment to rape. The Student Handbook includes more details of policy, reporting, and educational programs available to students.


Students who are sexual assault victims should give strong consideration to reporting the assault. Reporting an assault to law enforcement or campus authorities does not require filing criminal charges, but it does allow all support systems to be put in place for a victim. A report should be filed as soon as possible after the assault is committed but it may be done at any time. The institution will assist a student who reports a sexual assault in obtaining medical support and information regarding available legal and judicial resources as well as counseling and support services. If requested by the victim, and if reasonably available, the institution will assist the victim in changing their academic situation after the alleged assault. 


Students who choose to notify police should be aware of the importance of the immediacy of reporting the incident and the importance of preserving physical evidence at the scene as well as on the person assaulted. The gathering of physical evidence can provide important evidence and support of criminal charges leading to a successful prosecution. 


Students who are reporting an immediate assault should be accompanied to a health care facility of their choice to allow for collection of evidence and treatment. If a sexual assault victim chooses to report the incident days, weeks, or even months after the assault, important support systems are still available and can be arranged. However, criminal investigations are much more difficult after the passage of time.


Sexual assaults, for which a victim seeks medical treatment, must be reported to the appropriate police department by the health care officials. However, the victim is not required to criminally prosecute the case or file a police report unless the sexual assault victim is a minor. 


Sexual Harassment Policy


Students and employees are responsible for assuring that the campus maintains an environment for work and study free from sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is unlawful, violates the dignity of individuals, and will not be tolerated. The campus community seeks to eliminate sexual harassment through education and by encouraging students and employees to report concerns or complaints. Prompt corrective measures will be taken to stop sexual harassment whenever is occurs and is reported to any college official.


Filing a Report


If you need to file a report with the Campus Public Safety Department , simply contact the department and we will walk you through the necessary steps depending on the nature of the report.


Missing Persons


In the event a person should become missing from campus, the Zanesville Campus Public Safety Department should be notified immediately. An officer will respond, gather information, and relay it to other public safety personnel. An on campus search for the missing person will begin and the local police department will be notified for assistance. All possible efforts will be made to locate the person and to determine his or her state of health and well-being through a collaboration effort between necessary departments.


The Zanesville Campus Public Safety Department along with other campus officials will attempt to determine the person's whereabouts through contact with friends, associates, and/ or employers. All available resources will be contacted in an effort to determine if the person has been attending classes, labs, work, scheduled organizational, or academic meetings. If located, verification of the person’s state of health and intentions for returning to the campus will be made. When and where appropriate, a referral will be made to Counseling Services.


All persons have the option to confidentially identify an individual to be contacted by the Campus Public Safety Department in the event they are determined to be missing for more than 24 hours. If a person has identified such an individual, the department will notify that individual no later than 24 hours after the person is determined to be missing. Persons who wish to identify a confidential contact, to be notified in case they are missing, can do so through the Zanesville Campus Public Safety Department.