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Zane State College places a high priority on the safety of its students, employees, and guests. The Zanesville Campus Public Safety Department strives to maintain an excellent safety record and employs security measures to ensure that all persons enjoy their time while on campus.
Personal Safety and Responsibility
Although uniformed officers patrol the campus, it is crucial that the campus community take responsibility for it's saftey as well. 90% of campus crimes are crimes of opportunity. You reduce your chances of being a crime victim by reducing opportunity. By watching out for yourself and others, we can all contribute to a safe campus environment. Take an active role in your own safety and the security of the campus community. Whether you are a student or an employee, learn to be observant and aware of your surroundings.
Report any suspicious activity or behavior to Campus Public Safety at extension 1111 or 740-683-3584. If you witness a crime, do not hesitate to call teh department immediately or dial 911 for emergency services. If you can safety do so, make notes of the incident, descriptions of individuals, or vehicles involved. Do not assume someone else has reported the accident.
Protection of Personal Property
Students and employees are urged to take simple, common sense precautions for their own safety and the security of their belongings.
Students are encouraged to keep their belongings with them at all times and employees are encouraged to keep their offices locked when leaving for an extended period of time. Do not leave valuable unattended in buildings or offices.
Vehicles should always be locked and valuables secured out of plain-view (i.e. GPS units, laptops, textbooks, purses, briefcases, cash money, and electronic devices).
Walking Around Campus
While the department wants you to enjoy your time exploring the beautiful campus, it is important that you take a few seconds to familiarize yourself of the layout of the campus to ensure your own personal safety. Survey the campus while classes are in session and after dark so you are aware of the academic buildings, walkways, facilities, and parking lots are adequately secured.
Here are some suggestions for enhancing personal safety:
  • Avoid working or studying alone in a building late at night.
  • Always plan the safest route to your destination.
  • Avoid taking alley ways or "short cuts" through isolated areas.
  • Stay in well-lit areas, walk at midpoint between curbs and buildings away from alleys and bushes.
  • Walk with someone whenever possible (buddy system).
  • Share your class schedule with parents and trusted friends so they know where you are and when you should return home.
  • If yo uare being followed, go to the nearest office and request someone call Campus Safety and Security for assistance. Try to provide a description of the person following you.
  • Stay alert to your surroundings and the people around you.
  • Walk with a confident stride and keep your head up and look around.
  • If a purse or wallet is snatched, do not fight back. Turn it over rather than risk personal injury and report the incident immediately.
  • Keep your keys separate from your purse or backpack in case someone takes it.
  • Do not mark key changes with the name, address, or license number. Lost keys can lead to further thefts.
  • If a motorist stops and asks for directions, keep your distance from the car.
  • Do not hesitate to contact the Campus Safety and Security Department with any safety concern.
Workplace Safety
Here are some suggestions for ensuring safety in the office, classroom, laboratory:
  • When working late, make sure the door is locked.
  • Keep valuables in a locked cabinet or drawer. Never leave them on or underneath a desk.
  • Never prop doors open, especially fire doors, even for a short period of time.
  • Read and become familiar with all Campus Safety Procedures.
  • Never hold a locked door open for strangers after normal business hours.

Safety on Campus

Due to increased safety concerns on campus, skateboards, roller blades, roller skates, scooters, and roller shoes are prohibited on campus property. That means, these activities are prohibited anywhere on campus except the bike path. We have a significant handicapped population with limited mobility on campus. The safety of our students and staff, plus the liability associated with these activities are our main concern. Violators of this policy will be handled accordingly. Student offenders will be processed through judicial proceeding, if necessary, and the Zanesville PD will be contacted for general public offenders. No additional signage is planned. So, help get the word out and make the Zanesville Campus safe for all.