Payment Deadlines:

  • Schedule your payment plan on My ZSC by clicking on “Finances” on the right-hand side, then click on “Start a Payment Plan.”
  • View your tuition statement/student bill on My ZSC on the “Finances” page.
  • Avoid having your courses dropped, and paying an additional $45 re-registration fee, by paying your fees by
  • 1 p.m. on the payment deadline.

Tuition Adjustments for Withdrawal from Courses:

  • Withdrawing from courses after receiving financial aid may result in repayment of aid funds to the College by the student.
  • Tuition Fees (Instructional and General) are adjusted according to the official date of withdrawal; other fees may be non-refundable.


  • Check your mail for a BankMobile passcode in a BRIGHT GREEN envelope or go to to select one of the following refund preferences:
    • BankMobile Checking Account – Refunds will be deposited and available the same business day. '
    • Deposit to Another Account (ACH) – Refunds will be processed and available in 2-3 business days.
      • If you do not make a selection, your refund payment will be delayed.

Common Asked Questions:

When will my Zane State College Foundation Scholarship or Academic Award be applied to my account?

Contact the Foundation Office at or call 740.588.1206.

Why is my financial aid not applied?

Contact the Financial Aid Office at or call 740.588.1276.

Why is my payment plan not processing?

Make sure you enter dashes in the phone number