Petition to Graduate

Graduation is not automatic. Students will be contacted through their Zane State College email account with the petition instructions for each term. Potential graduates must review their degree audit with their program advisor and complete the online Petition to Graduate by the date listed for processing. Please note that a separate Petition for Graduation must be filed if a student anticipates graduating with more than one degree or certificate in a different term.

Without a petition, no degree is awarded. Students are subject to the requirements associated with the catalog in force listed on the student’s record.  For those who file a late petition, the completion date may be posted in a current term pending the results of the degree or certificate review.

Students who will utilize credit by examination, alternative credit, or transfer credit must have that credit earned and posted on their Zane State College transcript prior to the end of the graduating term. Students who petition to graduate and then do not meet degree requirements for a specified term must submit a subsequent petition by the deadline for the projected term of graduation.  

Formal graduation activities are held in May. Those completing graduation requirements after Fall Semester are invited to participate the following May. Those completing graduation requirements in the Summer Session are invited to attend the May commencement that preceeds that summer term.

Degree Audit

The Degree Audit is an academic advising tool that lists all courses in a student's program of study that have been completed (taken at Zane State College, approved as transfer credit from another institution, and/or alternative credit) and those that are still needed to meet graduation requirements at Zane State College. The Degree Audit allows advisors and students to see how students are progressing toward graduation. Each student has access to their own Degree Audit through their My ZSC account.  The student’s program advisor can also provide a Degree Audit for each student.

Although courses taken at Zane State College are automatically added to a student's Degree Audit, transfer courses must undergo an evaluation process and then be applied to the student's Audit. Transfer evaluations are done in the Registrar's Office, College Hall Room 119.

Final Graduation Approval/Denial

After the close of the term, updated Degree Audits are reviewed by the Registrar to officially confer or deny each degree and/or one-year certificate. This process takes approximately six to eight weeks.  Students who fail to meet graduation requirements must re-petition for the term in which they will complete their degree or certificate.

Graduation Hold

If you petitioned for graduation, a hold has been placed on your account to prevent you from registering for courses in the following term after you have graduated. If you plan on taking classes in a subsequent term, please fill out a "Change of Program" form (found on My ZSC under the academics tab). Your hold will then be lifted and you will be able to register.

Graduate candidates will receive an email in mid-April with a listing of students who have petitioned for graduation.  Please review this list to ensure that your name is spelled correctly and to verify your program of study. If you need to report a correction, please contact the Registrar's Office at
Asterisks represent the following:
*     Cum Laude
**   Magna Cum Laude
*** Summa Cum Laude
Latin honors printed in the commencement program are calculated using the student's current grades to date. Final graduation honors are determined at the end of the graduating semester and if earned are printed on the transcript and diploma. Graduation honors are not indicated in the commencement program for Summer graduation candidates.

Step by Step Instructions for the Online Petition

Use as a guide in petitioning for graduation. Screenshots included.

(.pdf, 533K)

Did You Forget to Petition for Graduation?

This form is to be used for a student who failed to petition for a prior (inactive) term. This form has fillable fields; please open in Adobe to complete.

(.pdf, 141K)

Commencement Policies

The College awards degrees during an annual commencement ceremony held in May that is governed by the following policies:

  1. Students who are enrolled in courses needed to complete degree and/or one-year certificate requirements by the end of the Summer Session following commencement are eligible to participate in the May commencement ceremony.
  2. The listing of degree candidates in the commencement program is tentative, pending completion of required work and submission of final grades. Printed graduation honors are calculated using the student’s current grades. Final graduation honors are indicated on the terminal transcript and reflect all course grades earned. Graduation honors are not indicated for Summer Session candidates.
  3. Diploma covers are distributed during commencement. Diplomas are mailed to the student’s address on file when final grades have been processed, degree requirements have been fulfilled, and after financial and other obligations have been satisfied.

Commencement Information

Students who indicate that they will participate in commencement will receive an email notification in April with information about the May Commencement ceremony. Look for the Grad Newsletter at for full details. If you do not receive an email, please contact the Registrar’s Office at