If you are a new or current student and wish to appeal your nonresident status which you had at the time of your admission, you may obtain a Zane State College "Residency Reclassification Packet” from the Registrar’s Office in College Hall (PDF available on this page under Handouts).  The completed application and all supporting documents must be returned to the Registrar’s Office by the following application deadlines in order to be reviewed for the desired term:

Fall Semester - August 1

Spring Semester - December 1

Summer Session - May 1

Applications with all required documentation submitted after the deadline are not guaranteed to be processed by the term fee payment deadline. Students are expected to make full payment (including non-resident fees) by the appropriate payment due date. Payment deadlines cannot be waived or extended while a student’s residency is being reviewed. Please note that retroactive residency determinations cannot be made for tuition surcharge purposes.

Zane State College is not authorized to alter or waive these state regulations and must adhere to their provisions for each student under all personal and/or financial considerations.  Please contact the registrar for further information.