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Petition for Graduation

Graduation is not automatic. To graduate, candidates for graduation must complete a Petition for Graduation and pay the $60 graduation fee.  You are not sent a bill for this fee. It is your responsibility to pay this once your petition is processed. The Petition to Graduation must be completed and submitted to the Registrars’ Office for processing by the dates posted in the official college calendar. View Academic Calendar .

Please note that a separate Petition for Graduation must be filed for each individual associate degree and/or one-year certificate of completion that you are attempting to earn. Formal graduation activities are held at the end of spring semester. Students who complete degree or one-year certificate requirements during preceding terms are invited to participate in the spring semester commencement ceremony.

Candidates for graduation must meet with their academic advisor to fill out the appropr iate forms and have them signed. If your Petition for Graduation is  turned in after the posted deadline you may not be eligible to graduate the semester in which you planned.

Degree Audit

The Degree Audit is an academic advising tool. It is an automated list of all courses in a student's program of study that are needed to meet the graduation requirements at Zane State College. The Audit allows advisors to see how the students are progressing. Each student has access to their particular Degree Audit through their Z-Online account. Every student has a faculty advisor who can also provide them with a Degree Audit.

The Degree Audit includes courses taken at Zane State College and may include courses transferred from other colleges/universities. Although courses taken at Zane State College are automatically added to a student's Degree Audit, transfer courses must undergo an evaluation process and then be applied to the student's Audit. Transfer evaluations are done in the Office of the Registrar, College Hall Room 119.

Commencement Information

You will receive email notification with information about the Commencement Ceremony and any outstanding issues requiring your attention in early April for spring commencement and in November for fall commencement. If you do not receive this email, please call the Registrar’s Office at 740-588-1344.

Final Graduation Approval/Denial

After the close of the term, updated Degree Audits are reviewed by the Registrar’s Office to officially confer or deny each degree and/or one-year certificate. This process takes approximately six to eight weeks.  Students who are denied graduation must re-apply during the term in which they will complete their requirements and pay the $60 graduation fee.


Graduate Information
2016 Spring Graduate Candidates (.pdf, 62K)
Please ensure your name and degree is correct. If you have a correction, please contact the Registrar's Office at, 740-588-1344, or College Hall Room 119.
Stars represent the following:
* Cum Laude
** Magna Cum Laude
*** Summa Cum Laude
Congratulations on your achievement!
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.

Graduation Hold

If you petitioned for graduation, a hold has been placed on your account. This hold is to prevent you from registering for courses in the term after you have graduated. The hold does not have any negative ramifications on your account. If you plan on taking classes in a subsequent term, simply fill out a change of program form on My Z-Online under the academics tab. Your hold will then be lifted and you will be able to register.

Commencement materials and student participation are governed by the following policies.


1.   Students who complete a degree or one-year certificate requirements are invited to participate in the commencement ceremony.


2.   The commencement program, including the listing of degree candidates and graduation honors, is based upon course enrollment at the appropriate term.  Students who utilize credit through proficiency examinations must have the credit-by-examination earned and posted on the Zane State College transcript two months prior to the end of the graduating term for inclusion in the published commencement program.


3.   The commencement program is tentative, pending completion of required work and submission of final grades.


4.   Diploma covers are distributed during commencement. Diplomas are not distributed during the ceremony. Diplomas are mailed when degree requirements are completed, when grades have been received, and financial arrangements have been satisfied. Permanent address changes must be made prior to leaving campus, so that the diploma is sent to the correct address.


5.    Printed graduation honors are calculated using the student’s current grades. Final graduation honors are indicated on the final transcript and reflect all course grades earned.