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The staff in the One Stop for Student Services will help students understand their ACCUPLACER results, build academic plans and schedules, and help when any problems arise concerning academic difficulty. The Student Success Center serves as the “answer spot” for students.

Students with disabilities (physical, learning, emotional, etc.) self-identify and make known their requests and, where required, provide documentation through Accessibility Services. Students are encouraged to contact the One Stop for Student Services so that proper accommodations can be arranged.



The ACCUPLACER will measure current abilities in reading, writing, math, and algebra so that students can begin their work in these subjects at the appropriate level.
Who takes the Accuplacer?
All new full-time students and part-time students planning to register for an English or a math course must take the test prior to registration.
Selective programs may have college level English and math requirements for admission to technology courses.
Students who require reasonable accommodations to complete the ACCUPLACER due to physical or mental disabilities should contact the One Stop for Student Services to request arrangements one week prior to the testing appointment date.

When do I take the Accuplacer?
All full-time students and part-time students should take the Accuplacer before attending New Student Orientation or an Academic Advising session.
Most students follow our Admissions Procedures to aid with their Accuplacer testing timing. Contact the One Stop for Student Services at 740.588.5000 to schedule an appointment.


New Student Orientation

For first time students, Freshmen Orientation is the initial registration (enrollment) into college classes. Orientation sessions will be held prior to the start of each semester.

These sessions cover:


·        Student resources

·         Student conduct

·        Enrollment and course registration
·        My Z-Online and E-Mail
·        Campus Safety and Security
·        Fee deadline
·        Financial Aid information