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When your Accuplacer Placement Test results indicate you need to strengthen reading, English, or math skills, the basic skills courses provide that opportunity. 

These Developmental Courses have met the standards for Advanced Certification from the National Association for Developmental Education:

·         COM 090 – Effective Reading
Improve comprehension and develop your vocabulary.

·         COMM 0910 – Reading and Study Skills
Learn strategies for efficient note taking, studying, and test taking.

·        ENG 095 – Introduction to Writing
Reacquaint yourself with basic grammar and punctuation rules and learn a process to make writing easier. 

·       ENGL 0960 – Writing Fundamentals
Learn how to improve the quality of your writing by focusing on content, word choice, organization, and accuracy. 

·        MATH 0900 – Computation Skills
Just a little rusty on fractions, decimals, percents, or metric conversions? This course will refresh you. 

·        MATH 0900 – Computation Skills, Computerized
Review computation skills using multimedia software package that is accessible via the Internet. 

·        MATH 0910 – Pre-algebra
Learned little or no algebra in high school? This course starts with the basics

·        MATH 0920 – Pre-business Math
Get acquainted with business terminology and typical transactions before getting into the fast-paced, college-level Business Math course.


Math Excel

Support your success in algebra. Classes meet one day a week for two hours.

Math 113 students register for MTH 106, 1 credit hour

In this lab you will:

  • Work on additional problems like those being covered in class.

  • Collaborate with other students in groups.

  • Receive assistance from an instructor and a peer tutor.

Research has shown Math Excel students have higher grade point averages in their current algebra courses and in subsequent higher level math courses than the students who do not take Math Excel.