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ADVANCE is a program that will help you complete developmental education classes and earn more degree credits in the first year through Compressed Math and Linked Courses.

Compressed Math Courses

Compressed courses are two courses of developmental math that are compressed into the time and price of one course. Compressed courses enable you to reach college level classes faster while saving money on tuition.
Options include:
MTH 094-ADVANCE Pre-Business Math
Computation Skills and Pre-Business Math
MTH 096-ADVANCE Pre-Algebra
Computation Skills and Pre-Algebra
MTH 098-ADVANCE Beginning Algebra
Computation Skills and Beginning Algebra
- Meets three days a week
- 4 (non-degree) credit hours
- 6 total contact hours a week

Linked Courses

Linked courses are two separate courses that meet two days a week, back-to-back in the same quarter.  Linked courses save you time and help you build supportive relationships with other students. Linked courses have integrated assignments that count toward  both courses. You must enroll in both courses in the set.
The four sets of linked courses include:
Set 1:  SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology &
 ENG 097 ADVANCE Writing Lab
Set 2:  BUS 153 Consumer Economics &
 MTH 095 ADVANCE Pre-business Math Lab
Set 3:  BIO 101 Principles of Biology &
 COM 092 ADVANCE Study Skills Lab
Set 4:  BUS 151 Microeconomics &
 MTH 097 Beginning Algebra
- 4 (degree) credit hours
- 2 (non-degree) credit hours
- 8 total contact hours a week

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and the First-Year Experience
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