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Testing Procedures

There has been a change in testing procedures for Zane State College students. Please note that all make-up and DEAL testing services are being provided through The Learning Center, which is open Monday - Thursday, 7:30 a.m.- 5:30 p.m. You may arrange to take a test after hours. To do so, you must make an appointment by calling (740) 588-1323, 48 hours in advance. No one will be available to proctor your test if you have not made an advance appointment.
There have been no changes for students at Willett-Pratt Training Center in Cambridge.
Test proctoring is available by appointment for distance learning students at other institutions.

Make-up Tests and Exams

Make-up tests are available when arrangements have been made with an instructor.

eLearning Classes (Online or Blended classes)

In accordance with the instructor's policies, tests for distance learning courses are proctored by appointment.

Credit by Exam - upon completion of the following steps

  • Pick up printed information in The Learning Center to prepare for the test.
  • Complete Credit by Exam Form.
  • Schedule an appointment.
  • Pay $50 fee at the Business Office.
  • Bring Credit by Exam Form and any required exam preparation materials to the appointment.

Exams Available


  • AOAP 1110 – Office Keyboarding Skills
  • ENGL 1500 – Freshman Composition
  • ENGL 2800 – Professional Writing

            Additional Exams may be arranged with technical faculty.


Accommodations for Special Needs

Accommodations provided when they are coordinated by staff members in the Student Services, College Hall, Room 134.

If you are thinking about requesting a peer tutor…

For assistance with courses other than math or writing, follow these steps:

·        First, ask your instructor for help before or after class or during office hours. You may find this provides all the help you need.

·        If you decide you need further assistance, obtain a request form (available in The Learning Center or online) as soon as possible.


How do I get a tutor?

Complete a request form. On the back of the form block out class times and work hours if you have a job. List course names and room numbers to help the staff locate you on campus if we need to send you a message. Mark blocks of time with X’s where you are available to work with a tutor during the week. The more flexibility you have in available time, the easier it is to match your schedule with a tutor’s schedule.
Last year 94% of the students who met regularly with their tutor passed their courses. The keys to their success were attending class, completing assignments, and keeping their tutoring appointments.
Print a Request Form

sk your Instructor to sign the request form.

Bring the Request Form to The Learning Center.

Follow up on your request by contacting The Learning Center to ask if tutoring arrangements have been completed.

Where will my tutoring session be?

The tutoring coordinator will make arrangements for your tutoring sessions.

How long are the tutoring sessions?

Two hours a week are provided. One or two meetings can be scheduled within the two-hour frame.