Your success is our priority. That's why we offer free, professional & peer tutoring options for the most commonly requested subjects (listed below). Tutoring is available in-person virtually depending on the subject and upon request. Just let us know which subjects we can help you with, and when you'll come by. 

Where to go: The ZSC Tutoring Rooms, College Hall, Rooms 161A-C

Don't see what you need or have a question? E-mail Emily Stainbrook

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One page to schedule for chemistry, biology, anatomy & physiology, math, physics, and writing!


Walk-In Wednesdays
Didn't know you wanted to talk to a tutor until right now? Don't worry! Walk-In Wednesday is a weekly event where professional tutors hangout for walk-in tutoring appointments. You can just stop by for however long you have (10 minutes? 2 hours? Both are fine!).

Where is Walk-In Wednesday? Tutoring Rooms, College Hall 161A-C

When is Walk-In Wednesday? Every Wednesday from 2:30-4:30

Peer Mentoring
Need help studying, navigating Blackboard, managing your time, or communicating with a professor? Never fear, the Peer Mentors are here! Aren't sure if they're the ones to help with a problem? Ask anyway! They can help with all of that and more!

Where are the Peer Mentors? College Hall 156, across the hall from the Veterans Center

When are the Peer Mentors available? They have walk-in hours all week! 
Mondays: 8a-5p 
Tuesdays: 8a-5p 
Wednesdays: 8a-5p 
Thursdays: 8a-5p 

What do I do if I can't make it to campus? Email us! Call us! (740)588-1295

Monado's New to You Clothes Closet
Preparing to graduate from Zane Sate and in need of some interview attire? Come to the Clothing Closet for Interviews -- just for current Zane State College students! Students are able to browse clothes and take home outfits -- for FREE. The Closet is in College Hall, Room 163B.

You can make an appointment by emailing or stop by on:
Mondays: 8a-5p
Tuesdays: 8a-5p
Wednesdays: 8a-5p
Thursdays: 8a-5p

Monado's Market
Need a snack to get you through the day? Forgot your lunch at home? Need to grab something for dinner but don't want to go to the store? Stop by! Monado's Market is located in the Mailroom in College Hall and is open from 8-5p Monday-Thursday! Peer Mentors are conveniently located down the hall to help you with accessing anything in the Market.