Zane State College seeks opportunities optimize energy efficient strategies for our campus infrastructure as new capital project initiatives are consider for the Zanesville and Cambridge Campuses.

2017 – 2018 Capital Initiatives

Campus Exterior Lighting - The campus exterior lighting project involved replacing 76 metal halide parking lot and drive light fixtures that were 400 watt fixtures with 150 watt energy efficient LED fixtures and 158 metal halide colonial style light fixtures that were 400 watt with 150 watt energy efficient LED fixtures. The net result significantly reduces energy consumption for our exterior campus lighting.

Campus Center Chiller Replacement – The Campus Center building underwent a chiller replacement project which retired a less energy efficient chiller for a modern more efficient unit. In additional aging pneumatic controls were replaced with temperature controls that could be centrally managed. Also, several sections of the building received new variable frequency drives that improve the management of air flow based on demand rather than a constant uncontrolled supply. These initiatives will aid in reducing the cost of the largest building on the Zanesville campus.

2015 – 2016 Capital Initiatives

Campus Center Roof Replacement – The Campus Center built in 1991 had the original EPDM roof membrane which was replaced in the fall 0f 2015 and spring 2016. The original roof membrane was dark and did not provide a good reflective surface to aid in summer cooling. The roof system was replaced with a Sarnafil G410 60 mil PVC membrane that is white and provides more efficient roof cooling and insulation. This project protects the interior of the building from inclement weather and provides more efficient energy savings though reduction of heating and cooling costs.