How do I add printer funds to my account?

You may purchase print funds by going to the Business office in College Hall or the Bookstore in The Campus Center at the Zanesville Campus.  You may also purchase print funds by going to the EPIC Building administration office on the Cambridge Campus.


How do I print using Zane State College lab computers?

  1. Please open your desired application and navigate to the print option.
  2. Click the printer drop down box and select the printer for the building you are in
    1. For a detailed list of printer names please see the Where is my printout located? FAQ
  3. Select the number of copies you want to print
  4. Click the Print button


Where is my printout located?

In College Hall the printer is located downstairs in the Duplicating Center.  In The Campus Center the printer is located at the end of the south hallway on the upper level.  In the ASTC building the printer is located in lower level by the main entrance.  Heath Science Hall does not currently have a public printer. 

There is also printers in the WPTC and EPIC buildings in our Cambridge campus.


College Hall

5550CH_DUP_LOBBY_BW – Black and white copies

5550CH_DUP_LOBBY_C – Color copies

CAN4035LOBBYBW – Black and white copies


The Campus Center

4650TCC_HWAY_BW – Black and white copies

4650TCC_HWAY_C – Color copies

CAN4035TCC_HWAY_BW – Black and white copies


WPTC - Cambridge

4650WPTCHALLBW – Black and white copies

4650WPTCHALLC – Color copies


EPIC – Cambridge

CAN5035EPICBW – Black and white copies

CAN5035EPICC – Color copies


How do I release my print job at the walk up printer?

There is an ID card swipe attached to the student printers.  Swipe your ID card, then select your print job from the list and press print.  This will release your job to print.


How do I print using Zane State College printers when I am off-campus?

  1. Log in with Zane State username and password at, or select 'Papercut Print Funds' from 'Quick Links' to access remote PaperCutMF printing features PaperCutMF.
  2. The PaperCutMF dashboard will display. Select the Web Print link from the menu bar located on the left side of the PaperCutMF web page.
  3. A web page will appear for Web Print with the option to “Submit a Job” button. Click the button.
  4. A list of available printers will be displayed for selection. Select the appropriate printer. Please review the “Where is my printout located?” section of the FAQ TecHelp page to determine where to send the document.
  5. Once the appropriate printer is selected click the “Print Options and Account Selection” button to proceed.
  6. Step 3 of the process offers a button to “Upload Documents” for printing. Click the button.
  7. In order to upload a document for printing either drag the file to the upload window or click the Upload from computer button to select the file from the saved location on the computer.
  8. Once all documents have been dropped into the Upload window click the “Upload & Complete” button. The documents will be sent to the printer and will remain in the printer memory for a maximum of 24 hours. After 24 hours the document will be purged from the printer memory.