Academic Standards

Academic Warning

A student with an earned term Grade Point Average (GPA) that is less than 2.000 regardless of the student’s cumulative GPA will be placed on Academic Warning. Students on Academic Warning are still considered to be in good standing. The student may be asked to meet with a Success Coach or TRIO Advisor prior to any further registration activity. Students will be removed from Academic Warning if their term GPA is at least 2.000 the next semester or term.


Academic Probation

A student with a cumulative GPA that is less than 2.00. 


Attempted Credit Hours

Cumulative GPA


1.001 to 1.999


1.251 to 1.999


1.501 to 1.999


1.751 to 1.999

46.00 or more

1.851 to 1.999


A student on Academic Probation shall meet an assigned Success Coach who will determine the required number of meetings.

Academic Suspension

Students will be placed on academic suspension if the cumulative GPA is below the following levels:


Attempted Credit Hours

Cumulative GPA

0.00 – 12.99

0.000 – 1.000


0.000 – 1.250

25.00 – 30.99

0.000 – 1.500


0.000 – 1.750

46 or more

0.000 – 1.850


The following steps are required to be completed in order for a student to be removed from Academic Suspension. The steps may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Enrolling in FYEX 0990 in the next term – student must pass with an 80% or better.
  • Completing mandatory Success Coach or TRIO advisor meetings similar to the meetings set forth for a student on Academic Probation.
  • Any additional meetings will occur based on the specific needs of the student
  • At any time, a student on Academic Suspension can request a meeting when support and guidance is needed for academic success.

Academic Suspension Appeal Process

Students who have been placed on Academic Suspension have the right to appeal for extenuating circumstances. Students must complete/submit the Academic Suspension Appeal Form by the date notated in the Academic Suspension email.

A student may appeal a maximum of two times before being Academically Dismissed.

Academic Dismissal

A student who has been on Academic Probation or Academic Suspension and has not made progress in improving the student’s cumulative GPA (no increase and/or a decreased GPA) for three consecutive semesters will be academically dismissed. Academically dismissed students are eligible to reapply after two academic semesters (summer term excluded).


Academic Catalog

Access the Zane State College Catalog by clicking here.

You will also find on that page individual links for information about:

  • Academic Policies and Procedures
  • Alternative Credit
  • Grade Appeal Process
  • Grading System
  • Graduation Procedure
  • Student Code of Conduct
  • Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • Transfer Policies and Procedures


Title Description File type

Prior Learning Assessment Application for Certification and Credentialed Experience. Certifications and credentials must be recognized by industry or government. 


A student with a number of years of experience in fields which may be related to coursework should seriously consider this option. It is strongly recommended that students considering this option meet with a course content expert to discuss the portfolio plan prior to beginning to determine how prior learning may relate to program coursework.


Rubric for Portfolio Based Credit