We know that unexpected expenses arise while you are enrolled in classes. Zane State College offers emergency resources to qualified students to help with these costs and try to help keep student loan debt at a minimum. Here are some options you may consider.


Zane State College has received funding from the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) III. A portion of these funds are being distributed to students for any component of cost of attendance or for emergency costs that arise due to coronavirus, such as tuition, food, housing, health care (including mental health care) or child care.

Enrollment in Fall Semester 2021 qualifies post high school students for this funding. There is NO APPLICATION necessary. Students will receive a single disbursement:

Amount: Determined by credit hours and federal aid need calculation. Please refer to your 11/1/21 ZSC email for your allocated amount.
Date: November 4, 2021

Students can expect to receive these funds through their account designated with our third-party refund servicer, Bank Mobile. If you have not yet designated an account, please visit www.refundselection.com

Emergency Grant Program

This program gives grants (money that does NOT have to be paid back) to students who face unexpected hardships that may prevent their education. Students must provide documentation for need. It is sponsored by the United Way and Zane State College Foundation.

Qualify by: Enrollment current term, have a current FASFA on file.
Award: Up to $500.
Used for: Transportation costs, medical bills, unexpected child care, eviction, and other documented needs.
Apply: Contact Kisha King at 740.588.1321 then apply at https://zsc.dreamkeepers.org/login.php

TRiO Grant Awards

This assistance gives grants to available TRiO program participants based on the student’s standing, risk of dropping out, unmet financial need, or to help students borrow less in student loans.

Qualify by: Participant in the TRiO Program.
Award: Amounts vary.
Used for: Tuition, books and materials, or any expense considered in cost of attendance.
Apply: Contact 740.588.4115.

Mental Heath Support When You Need It

The Student Life Assistance Program provides 24/7 support for the “in the moment” issues. You can speak with a mental health professional and they can provide strategies that you can use right away as well as connect you to further resources. A Chatbot option is also available for students who prefer to text. The SLA is great for a student who may not initially feel comfortable meeting someone face to face, or, they wish to speak with someone when the campus is not open.

Call: 866-780-0855
Text: 1-415-360-0023 (start code ZSCstudent)


Monado's New to You Clothes Closet
Preparing to graduate from Zane Sate and in need of some interview attire? Come to the Clothing Closet for Interviews -- just for current Zane State College students! Students are able to browse clothes and take home outfits -- for FREE. The Closet is in College Hall, Room 163B.

You can make an appointment by emailing peersupport@zanestate.edu or stop by on:
Mondays: 8a-5p 
Tuesdays: 8a-5p 
Wednesdays: 8a-5p 
Thursdays: 8a-5p

Monado's Market
Need a snack to get you through the day? Forgot your lunch at home? Need to grab something for dinner but don't want to go to the store? Stop by! Monado's Market is located in the Mailroom in College Hall and is open from 8-5p Monday-Thursday! Peer Mentors are conveniently located down the hall to help you with accessing anything in the Market.

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