The ZSC Testing Center

Located in The Welcome Center, College Hall

Schedule testing at https://www.zanestate.edu/test

Monday – Thursday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.




The mission of the Zane State College Testing Center is to help realize the college’s vision of “A Promising Future for Every One.” The testing center will provide academic and professional testing to students, faculty, staff, and the local community while: 

  • Offering the latest technology and testing methods 

  • Providing a knowledgeable, courteous, and professional staff 

  • Creating a quiet, secure, accessible, and non-discriminatory environment 

  • Accommodating testers’ busy calendars and streamlining the scheduling process 

  • Supporting faculty through the proctoring of make-up tests and other course exams 

  • Maintaining the integrity of the testing process by incorporating ethical standards and practices 

  • Fostering relationships with testing companies, businesses, and other colleges and universities 

The Zane State College Testing Center is committed to maintaining professional standards by adhering to the National College Testing Association (NCTA) Professional Standards and Guidelines. 



All testers must sign in, accept the integrity policy, and present photo ID. Some tests may require additional identification or information.

Items such as the following may not be used during testing unless specifically authorized:

  • Cell phones
  • Calculators
  • Computers/Tablets
  • Smart watches/Fitbits
  • Cameras/Recording devices

Accommodations/Accessibility Services

The Testing Center provides accommodations and accessibility services for students who require them. Please indicate any need(s) when scheduling. Most accommodations require 24 hours notice, and proper documentation is required for requests to be honored. For information about accommodations and accessibility services at ZSC, please click here.



Place into your first ZSC courses or qualify for College Credit Plus by scheduling your ACCUPLACER here.

ACCUPLACER is a series of tests that evaluate skills in reading, writing, and math. Learn more about the ACCUPLACER.

Prepare for the ACCUPLACER with ACCUPLACER Test Prep Resources.

At the Testing Center:

  • No items are permitted in the testing room.
  • A photo ID is required, and testers must know their social security number. 
  • There is a $10 retest fee for any portion of the ACCUPLACER retaken through ZSC within one year.



ALEKS is a web-based program used at Zane State College to determine a student’s readiness for mathematics courses. Students who take ALEKS can continue to use the program after testing to work on their skills and retest to try to place higher. Schedule an ALEKS math assessment here. 

At the Testing Center: 

  • A photo ID is required to test. 

  • No items are permitted in the testing room. 



Proctoring is available for ZSC class make-up exams, in-person exams for online classes, and instructor-scheduled exams.

While we make every effort to accommodate walk-in testing, it is not always possible. Appointments are highly encouraged.

Use the app to schedule a ZSC class exam.

At the Testing Center:

  • A photo ID is required to test.
  • Students must know the instructor name and course.
  • No items are permitted in the testing room unless specified by the instructor.



To arrange a proctored exam for a course at another institution, call us at 740.588.5000, or schedule your appointment online here.

At the Testing Center:

  • A photo ID is required to test.
  • Students need to know their username and password for online exams.
  • No items are permitted in the testing room unless specified by the instructor.


Credit-by-exam is available for BMCA 1010, BMCA 1020, BMCA 1050, and BMCA 1110.

Each BMCA exam may be taken only once. 

Students must score a 70% or better to earn credit.

BMCA 1110 (Keyboarding) students must type 30 words-per-minute in five minutes with five errors or fewer (unlimited attempts in one hour).

Download a copy of the BMCA 1020 study guide BMCA 1020 Study Guide.pdf

Schedule your BMCA credit-by-exam through here.

At the Testing Center:

  • A photo ID is required to test.
  • No items are permitted in the testing room.
  • Students must complete the credit-by-exam application and pay the $50 processing fee before testing.
  • BMCA 1010, 1020, and 1050 students will need to know their ZSC username and password.
  • BMCA 1110 Keyboarding students will need to know their student ID number. 


CLEP was created to help individuals with prior knowledge in a college course subject earn their degree efficiently and inexpensively (College Board, 2021). 

Learn what score is needed on each test to receive credit at Ohio colleges and universities.

Visit the CLEP website to register, pay the registration fee, and print a registration ticket.

Call the Testing Center or schedule an appointment here.

At the Testing Center:



The Health Occupations Aptitude Exam is required for admission into these selective programs:

The HOAE is given on specified dates and times. These will be posted upon the start of the 2021 fall semester.

Visit the ZSC Health Occupations Aptitude site to learn more about the HOAE and download the practice exam.

Call us at 740.588.5000 or use the app to schedule your exam at the Testing Center. Once your exam is scheduled, you will receive an email with additional instructions.

There will be a $60 exam fee collected by PearsonVUE (the company that provides the exam). 

At the Testing Center:

  • Scratch paper and pencils will be provided.
  • Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled exam.
  • Please know your PearsonVUE username and password.
  • Candidates must present a current, unexpired signature-bearing photo ID. 
  • Candidates will be required to provide a digital signature and have their photo taken.
  • Accommodations must be approved through the testing center and PearsonVUE.