You may take an exam to test out of the following courses:

  • BMCA 1010 Introduction to Microcomputer Concepts and Applications
  • BMCA 1020 Introduction to Windows and Word
  • BMCA 1050 Introduction to Microcomputer Software Applications

Credit by exam may be available for other courses through CLEP testing or other arrangements. Ask about availability by calling 740.588.1323, or schedule a time for us to call you.


In order to take an exam for credit, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Complete a Credit by Exam form, available in The Testing Center or Academic Services (Paul R. Brown EPIC Center in Cambridge).
  2. Schedule an appointment to take the exam.
    • Zanesville: Visit The Testing Center or call 740.588.1323.
    • Cambridge: Visit Academic Services or call 740.432.6568.
  3. Pay a non-refundable $50 fee at the Business Office (College Hall, Room 118 in Zanesville) or Academic Services (in Cambridge).
  4. Bring the completed Credit by Exam form, a photo ID, your receipt of payment, and any exam materials to your testing place. Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your scheduled test time.


  • If you are taking an exam to test out of a course in which you are currently enrolled, you must complete the exam by the end of the first week of the term.
  • You may take the exam only one time per course.
  • You may not take an exam for credit if you have previously failed the course.
  • Although credit earned by exam will count toward your degree at Zane State College, other academic institutions may not accept the credit earned by exam if you choose to transfer.