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How do I login to Blackboard?

Please click this link for direct access to the Blackboard site:

Accessing Blackboard using My Z-Online:

  1. Alternatively, open an Internet browser to the address
  2. Locate the Quick Links section on the left side of the My Z-Online webpage and click the My Blackboard link
  3. At the Blackboard login page, please login using your Zane State College username and password


Which username and password do I use with Blackboard?

Use the same username and password that you use to login to My Z-Online and the campus computers.  Please do not use your email address as it will not work (example: jdoe will work; will not).


What if I cannot see my Blackboard course?

Please note, most Blackboard courses are not made accessible to students until the first day of the semester.  Please consult your instructor if you do not see the specific course you are enrolled in after the first day.


I am having trouble using Blackboard to complete my work, what can I do?

Please consult your course instructor.  If you experience issues with several courses, you will need to consult your instructor for each course.  Please be descriptive about your issue when communicating with your instructor.


How do I download the Blackboard App for my smart device?

The Blackboard App can be found by searching the words "Blackboard App" in the Apple App Store or Android Play Store.  The app is a free download for tablets and smart phones.

Once the app is downloaded to your device, please launch the app and follow the instructions to use the Blackboard App.

  1. Tap into the Type your School’s name text box
  2. Type in Zane State College
  3. A typed name of Zane State College will appear below the text box, tap the typed name
  4. Tap the User name text box and type in your Zane State College provided username (please do not use your email address, it will not work)
  5. Tap the Password text box and type in your Zane State College password
  6. You will login and see your courses