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In general, inclement weather, such as snow, sleet, ice, or rain, will not warrant the cancellation of classes or the closing of the College. Under such conditions, each employee and student should make a personal judgment pertaining to his or her safety in traveling to and from the College based on his/her routing and safety equipment.

If the College has not officially canceled classes, tardiness and absence due to bad weather will be charged against the employee’s annual leave accumulation. If the employee has no annual leave, then the time absent will be charged as leave without pay, depending on the employee’s classification.

Should it become necessary to close the College officially for a brief period of time due to inclement weather, then the resulting absence will not be charged to the employee. However, if the employee was on approved vacation, sick leave, Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave, or any type of approved leave, the absence will be charged to the employee.

However, if for some reason the College does cancel classes, the official closing of the College will be communicated by the President of the College or in his absence by the acting President to:


WHIZ 1240 AM Zanesville

WHIZ 92.7 FM Zanesville

WYBZ 107.3 Zanesville

WWJM 105.9 New Lexington

WCMJ 96.7 Cambridge

WILE 1270 Cambridge

WNKO 101.7 Heath

WHTH 790 Heath

WCLT T-100.3 Newark

WTNS 1560 Coshocton

WMVO/WQIO 93.6 Mt. Vernon

WMOA 1490 Marietta

WNCO 101.3Mansfield/Ashland

WFXN 102.3 Galion

WXXF 107.7Ashland/Loudonville

WXXR 98.3 Fredericktown