Contact Campus Safety

Zane State College places a high priority on the safety of its students and employees by providing a professional security service to the campus community. The college recognizes the importance of providing a safe and healthy environment in which individuals can pursue educational opportunities.

Whether on campus as a student, employee, or visitor, you can be confident that the Zanesville Campus Public Safety Department is committed to providing a proactive agency that is service oriented. Members of the campus are encouraged to report criminal activity or emergency situations to the department.

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Emergency Calls: 911 from any phone

ZSC Resource Officer/Deputy: 740.624.5612

TIP: Save ZSC Resource Officer phone number on your cell phone!

Patrol of Campus Property and Buildings

The Campus Public Safety Department conducts vehicle and foot patrols of campus property and buildings. If you observe some type of questionable situation, please call an officer so they can check the area.

Enforcement of Student Code of Conduct

The Campus Public Safety Department is charged with enforcing the Student Code of Conduct set by Zane State College according to section 3345.21 of the Ohio Revised Code and making referrals of violations to the Vice-President of Student Services.

Safety Escort Service

The Zanesville Campus Public Safety Department would be happy to safely escort you anytime you feel uneasy about walking alone. Just call and an officer will meet and walk with you to your campus building, classroom, or vehicle.

Vehicle Assistance

The Zanesville Campus Public Safety Department provides vehicle lock-outs, flat tire changes, and battery jump-start assistance for vehicles parked on campus property. Just call an officer for assistance and provide the location of your vehicle.

Lost and Found

Have you lost something on-campus or do you want to turn in an item you have found? Contact the Campus Public Safety Department or stop by the office located in the Campus Center room T-472. Items will be retained and periodically disposed of in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code and departmental procedures.

Safety and Crime Prevention Programs

The Campus Public Safety Department is concerned about the safety and welfare of all campus members and offers information regarding crime prevention and safety awareness programs thru various formats such as lectures, training sessions, and brochures.

Event Security

The Campus Public Safety Department provides security as needed for events on campus.

Parking Enforcement

The Campus Public Safety Department has the authority to control and regulate the use of vehicles on the property of Zane State College. Officers are charged with enforcing parking issues. Parking violations are subject to a warning, fine, and/ or towing from the property.