Payment Deadlines:

  • Schedule your payment plan on My ZSC by clicking on “Finances” on the right-hand side, then click on “Start a Payment Plan.”
  • View your tuition statement/student bill on My ZSC on the “Finances” page.
  • Avoid having your courses dropped, and paying an additional $45 re-registration fee, by paying your fees by
  • 1 p.m. on the payment deadline.

Tuition Adjustments for Withdrawal from Courses:

  • Withdrawing from courses after receiving financial aid may result in repayment of aid funds to the College by the student.
  • Tuition Fees (Instructional and General) are adjusted according to the official date of withdrawal; other fees may be non-refundable.


  • Check your mail for a BankMobile passcode in a BRIGHT GREEN envelope or go to refundselection.com to select one of the following refund preferences:
    • BankMobile Checking Account – Refunds will be deposited and available the same business day. '
    • Deposit to Another Account (ACH) – Refunds will be processed and available in 2-3 business days.
      • If you do not make a selection, your refund payment will be delayed.

Common Asked Questions:

When will my Zane State College Foundation Scholarship or Academic Award be applied to my account?

Contact the Foundation Office at foundation@zanestate.edu or call 740.588.1206.

Why is my financial aid not applied?

Contact the Financial Aid Office at fasworker@zanestate.edu or call 740.588.1276.

Why is my payment plan not processing?

Make sure you enter dashes in the phone number