Payment Deadlines

When is the tuition payment deadline?
Tuition is due in full a few weeks prior to the start of classes. To see the specific date, go to MY ZSC; navigate to the Finance page, then go to the Payment deadline section.

What happens if I miss the deadline and I have not signed a payment plan agreement?
You will be dropped from the current semester courses, and will need to pay an additional $45 re-registration fee to register for available classes.

What time is the payment deadline?
Payment deadline are always at 1PM on the due date.

Tuition Adjustments

Will dropping courses or withdrawing from classes impact my financial aid?
Yes, withdrawing from courses after receiving financial aid/and or disbursements may result in the repayment of aid funds to the college. It is best to confirm the impact by checking with the financial aid department at fasworker@zanestate.edu.

Will I receive a reduction in Instructional and General charges if I drop or withdraw from courses?
The tuition adjustment amount is based on the date of drop or withdrawal. 

Are all fee types refundable?
No, only the Instructional and General fees are adjusted according to the tuition adjustment dates, other fees may be non-refundable, or only refundable during the first week of classes. Please contact the business office at businessoffice@zanestate.edu for specific fee questions.

What is BankMobile?
BankMobile is our refund distributer, in order to receive a refund of excess financial aid or tuition adjustments you must select a refund option at https://www.refundselection.com.

When will I receive my refund?
Refunds distribution begins at the end of the sixth week of classes, your specific timing may vary based on course timing, financial aid regulations, and refund selection choice. 

What are my refund selection choices?
You may sign up for a BankMobile/Vibe checking account and your refund will be deposited and available to you on the same day it is distributed. Or you may select to have your refund deposited into an existing bank account and your refund will be deposited and available 2-3 days from the distribution date. If you do not make a selection, your refund will be delayed.

Statement Balance

What is a statement Balance?
Your statement balance shows the amount owed for a semester’s tuition and fees.

How do I view my statement balance?
You will receive a statement balance in the mail. At any time, your semester balance is viewable by logging into your MY ZSC. After logging in, navigate from Students > My Finances.

Paying Your Tuition and Fees

How do I pay my statement balance?
Pay in full by logging onto My ZSC or visiting campus. After logging in, navigate from Students > My Finances. If you wish to make partial payments throughout the semester, read further on this page about starting a Payment Plan.

What do I do if I can’t pay my balance immediately?
Read further on this page about starting a payment Plan.

Why is financial aid not applied to my balance?
Please get in touch with the Financial Aid office at fasworker@zanestate.edu.

Why is my Zane State College Foundation Scholarship or Academic Award not applied to my balance?
Please get in touch with the Foundation office at foundation@zanestate.edu.

Why is my outside funding (Veterans, JFS, Union Education, fee waiver, tuition reimbursement, etc.) not applied to my balance?
Please get in touch with the Business office at businessoffice@zanestate.edu.

Payment Plan

What is a Payment plan?
A payment plan holds your place in your semester’s classes when you are unable to meet the initial payment due date. A payment plan costs $30 and allows you to make payments toward your balance throughout the semester.

How do I start a Payment Plan?
Fill out an application online at My ZSC. After logging in, navigate from Students > My Finances > Start a Payment Plan.

Why is my payment plan not processed?
Make sure you enter dashes in the phone number.