Refund of Charges Policy

Enrollment for financial aid calculation purposes is determined on the second Friday of the semester. No adjustments to awards will be made after that date unless a full withdraw is initiated or if the student receives all F’s. However, students who fail to attend classes or cease attending during the first week of the semester will be responsible for repayment of aid received for the course(s) and any non-refundable fees including the Matriculation Fee. Attendance records are reviewed by the Office of Student Financial Aid at the end of each semester for this repayment determination.

Financial aid is earned based on the number of days a student attends classes. If a student receiving aid withdraws from all classes, their earned aid is determined based on the date they withdraw. The difference between the aid they have actually received and the aid they have earned must be returned to the proper agency. Within 30 days of withdrawing, the student will be notified of the amount that they are responsible for returning. The student will then have 45 days to return this amount to Zane State College. If this amount is not returned to the College, the over award will be reported to the State of Ohio Attorney General’s Office for collection efforts where additional fees will be incurred by the student. A student is not eligible for future registration at the College until this debt has been paid in full.

In cases where students are registered for classes other than the standard 16 week semester such as sessions, inter-session, & term classes the following policy will apply:

  1. Students withdrawing from term classes in the six, eight or twelve week format will be refunded based on the standard semester refund schedule.
  2. Please contact the Business Office for refunds on all other formats.

Return of Student Financial Aid funds will be distributed in the following order:

  1. Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loans
  2.  Subsidized Federal Direct Loans
  3. Federal PLUS Loans
  4. Federal Pell Grants
  5. Other Financial Aid Programs

Dropping Courses Percentage Calculations

Refunds are made based on the date of official drop and when the necessary paperwork is filed with Student Services. Refunds for Federal Financial Aid recipients in attendance at the college are computed according to refund guidelines provided by the U.S. Department of Education. Unearned Aid for all financial aid recipients is returned as mandated by federal regulation. Examples of federal refund calculations are available in the Financial Aid Office located in the Student Services area.

The chart below indicates the percentage of tuition and fee charges that will be refunded based on the standard semester and week for the official withdrawal. This chart refers to regular tuition and fee charges; please note that some fees may be non-refundable. 

Rates below are effective beginning FL22

  Refund Time Frame

Refund Percentage

   Week 1 & Week 2


Week 3 and after



Withdrawal on or before the first Saturday of the term

Non-refundable fees include:  Conference fees, Late Payment fees, and Payment Plan fees


By registering for classes you assume a legal obligation to pay tuition and fees. It is your responsibility to follow the college's formal process of withdrawing from classes, if you choose not to attend. Failure to properly withdraw from classes will require that you pay for all tuition charges.

All course drops and withdrawals after the 2nd week of the semester will not receive refund and you will be responsible for the full tuition charges.

Student Overage Refunds

Refunds are disbursed weekly starting at the end of the sixth week for standard semester classes, with the following exceptions:

  1. If financial aid amount is dependent upon credit hours to be earned in the second eight week term, or the twelve week term, the refund will be held in all or part until after attendance is confirmed in the term classes. 
  2. If the financial aid is subject to additional restrictions that are specified in the aid regulations. This may include first time and semester specific loans that may require multiple disbursements. 

Students attending non-standard semester programs with courses less than six weeks long should contact the business office for refund dates. 

To view your current refund, select "My Account Information", "Course and Fee Statement", "Generate Course and Fee Statement".  Any credit balance showing in "Computed Balance" on the bottom right will be the excess amount on your account.

ZSC has partnered with BankMobile to deposit refunds quickly and securely.  To avoid any delays in accessing refunds, students must select an electronic refund option.  Options include same day availability by opening and depositing funds into a BankMobile Vibe account or deposit into an existing account with availability within 1-2 business days.    To make you your selection select the link below and enter the personal code you may have received in the mail via a bright green envelope or in an email from BankMobile




ZSC has partnered with BankMobile to deposit refunds quickly and securely. To avoid any delays in accessing refunds, two electronic refund options are available:

  • BankMobile Vibe account (same-day availability) OR
  • Existing account (availability within 1-2 business days)

Make your selection by clicking here. Please enter your personal code (received in the mail in a bright green envelope or in an email from BankMobile).

To view our institution’s contract with BankMobile, a Division of Customers Bank, click here.