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Effective summer semester 2018, tuition and fees which includes Instructional, General, and General Career Services fee will be charged at the rate of $169 per credit hour for residents of Ohio and $331 per credit hour for out-of-state and international students.  Please refer to the following chart for estimating semester tuition costs.






Tuition & Fees


Tuition & Fees

1   $169   $331
2   $338   $662
3   $507   $993
4   $676   $1324
5   $845   $1655
6   $1014   $1986
7   $1183   $2317
8   $1352   $2648
9   $1521   $2979
10   $1690   $3310
11   $1859   $3641
12   $2028   $3972
13   $2197   $4303
14   $2366   $4634
15   $2535   $4965
16   $2704   $5296
Course and Lab Fees - students enrolled in certain courses pay additional fees. Please refer below for a complete list of additional fees.
All fees are stated as of March 19, 2018 and are subject to change.
Course and Lab Fees

Course and Lab Fees - students enrolled in certain courses pay additional fees. Please refer to this listing for detailed information.

Course and Lab Fees (.pdf, 177K)
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Career Service General Fee

All students are required to pay the Career Service fee, which is based on the number of credit hours taken each semester. Career Services at Zane State College has a full time Director dedicated to preparing students for their profession. They can assist with everything from picking a career with a good pay and positive hiring outlooks to landing that job.


Digital Direct Access Fee

Pearson’s Direct Digital Access (DDA) provides electronic resources in place of traditional textbooks and lab materials at a lower cost for the students. The DDA fee includes the digital textbook, Pearson MyLab, and all other digital supplemental course materials. This fee eliminates the need for students to purchase a print-copy textbook.  This fee is required for specific courses and is billed with the semester tuition and fee statement.  


Payment of Fees

All fees are payable per the dates on the College calendar. Registration at the beginning of each semester is incomplete until all fees are paid (which include checks clearing the bank), and no student may re-enroll, graduate, or receive an official transcript until all accounts are settled. The term “account” includes any debts owed to the College.


Fee Waiver for Senior Citizens

Persons 60 years and older who have resided in Ohio for at least one year are eligible to enroll in one class up to four (4) credit hours per semester on a space-available basis without payment of tuition for instructional and general fees. However, some courses may require fees for security, lab supplies, or other materials. These fees are not covered by the senior citizen fee waiver. 

Petition for Graduation Fee

A petition for graduation must be taken to the appropriate faculty advisor and Division Dean prior to the end of the second week of classes of the student’s final semester of study. The faculty advisor, Division Dean, and Registrar then verify that requirements have been fulfilled for either the one-year certificate or an associate degree. A $60* non-refundable charge will be assessed at the time the petition is submitted.


Late Payment Fee

Students who registered for courses but have not paid in full or do not have an approved payment plan in place by 1pm on the scheduled due date are subject to having their registration dropped for non-payment. Should they re-register, a $45.00 non-refundable late payment fee is due at the time of re-registration.

Matriculation Fee
A one-time, non-refundable, matriculation fee will be applied to any new student seeking a degree from the College.  Non-degree students such as senior citizens, Muskingum University and OUZ fee waiver students will not be charged the fee. Also, college credit plus (post-secondary, dual enrollment), reach and various high school students not seeking a degree will not be charged the fee.


Required Student Liability Insurance

Participation in the Professional and Personal Liability Insurance Program offered by the college is required for students enrolled in specific health and public service programs. Purchase of insurance is necessary for any student enrolled in clinical practicum or field work in Human Services Assistant, Medical Assisting, Medical Laboratory, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Physical Therapist Assistant, and Radiologic Technologies. Students registered in Early Childhood Education Technology courses are also required to purchase personal and professional liability insurance through the College. The current annual cost is $17. The premium must be paid when a student registers for a course in one of the above technologies.


Returned Check/Payment Policy

A $30 collection fee will be assessed on all returned checks, electronic checks, and any other returned payment.


Security Fee

Students enrolled in one or more classes on the Zanesville or Cambridge Campus will be charged a $18 non-refundable security fee per semester. If a student withdraws from classes within the first week of classes, the security fee will be refunded.  Students who are enrolled in all on-line courses within a semester will not be charged the standard security fee. 



Transcript Fee

Students and alumni can order their official transcripts online from Credentials Solutions.  The fee is $8.00 for each official transcript requested, plus additional fees for transcripts that are mailed or require special processing.  Transcripts will not be released if there is a financial obligation or account hold with Zane State College.  Please visit and look for Transcript Request link at the bottom of the page. 


Other Fees and Charges
Description Frequency  Amount
Accuplacer Re-Take Fee Per Occurrence $     10.00
Audit Fee Per Credit $   169.00
Conference/Lab Fee  Special Circumstances (ENGT; NAFS)  Varies
Credit by Exam Test Fees Test and Documentation Fees $     50.00
Duplicate Diploma Fee Per Request $     30.00
FYEX 1010 Material Fee Per Course $     40.00
General Tuition Fee Per Credit $     31.00
Health Occupation Aptitude Exam Per Test $     25.00
Instructional Tuition Fee Per Credit $   138.00
Late Payment Fee If payment plan is not paid in full by deadline  $    23.00
Matriculation Fee Per New Enrolled Student (Non-Refundable) $    50.00
Microsoft Certification Per Certification/Test $    75.00
Out of State Fees Per Credit (Additional) $   162.00
Payment Plan Fee Per Request (Non-refundable) $     30.00
Petition for Graduation Fee Per Petition/Year (Non-refundable) $     60.00
Prior Learning Credentialed Experience Fee Per Course $     25.00
Prior Learning Portfolio Review Fee  Per Course $     90.00
Professional Liability Insurance Per Academic Year - All Health, Early Childhood Education and Human Services Assistant Technologies $     17.00
Replacement Student ID Fee Per Request $     10.00
Re-Registration/Late Payment Fee Re-Registration after non-payment drop              (Non-Refundable) $     45.00
Returned Check Fee Per payment Incident $     30.00
Security Fee Per Semester $     18.00
Student Printing Fees Per Request (Non-Refundable)  Varies
Welding Certification Test 3/8" Plate Test $   100.00
Welding Certification Test 1" Plate Test $   125.00
Welding Certification Test MIG or TIC Test $   175.00
Welding Certification Test Pipe Test $   225.00