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Refund of Charges Policy


Enrollment for financial aid calculation purposes is determined on the second Friday of the semester. No adjustments to awards will be made after that date unless a full withdraw is initiated or if the student receives all F’s. However, students who fail to attend classes or cease attending during the first week of the semester will be responsible for repayment of aid received for the course(s) and any non-refundable fees including the Matriculation Fee. Attendance records are reviewed by the Office of Student Financial Aid at the end of each semester for this repayment determination.


Financial aid is earned based on the number of days a student attends classes. If a student receiving aid withdraws from all classes, their earned aid is determined based on the date they withdraw. The difference between the aid they have actually received and the aid they have earned must be returned to the proper agency. Within 30 days of withdrawing, the student will be notified of the amount that they are responsible for returning. The student will then have 45 days to return this amount to Zane State College. If this amount is not returned to the College, the over award will be reported to the State of Ohio Attorney General’s Office for collection efforts where additional fees will be incurred by the student. A student is not eligible for future registration at the College until this debt has been paid in full.


In cases where students are registered for classes other than the standard 16 week semester such as sessions, inter-session, & term classes the following policy will apply:



1.   Students withdrawing from term classes in the eight or twelve week format will be refunded based on the standard semester refund schedule. 


2.  Please contact the Business Office for refunds on all other formats.   


Return of Student Financial Aid funds will be distributed in the following order:

1. Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loans
2. Subsidized Federal Stafford Loans
3. Federal PLUS Loans
4. Federal Pell Grants
5. Other Financial Aid Programs